About Us

Performance Zone is powered by CFORTH. CFORTH is StoplightGO’s official supplier of Products and Services. Performance Zone is a distributor of the unique products developed and produced by Thrive Tape, Inc, USA (www.thrivetape.com), offered to StoplightGO customers (via CFORTH).

About Thive Tape

Thrive Tape is an empowering lifestyle brand which supports athletes and everyday people to “Live Life and Push Boundaries.”


Our goal is to design a product to help improve the quality of life for consumers in all age groups by decreasing or eliminating muscle soreness, strain, and pain, allowing them to improve athletic performance, address everyday aches and pains, and, for older adults, cope with age-related physical issues. 


We’ve dedicated more than 5 years of R&D to develop a new generation of kinesiology tape unlike any other product on the market. The difference is our proprietary formulation of minerals and ceramic powder which reflects “Far Infrared.” 


“Research confirms that people of all ages are much more active today than ever before, are living longer, and all want to improve the quality of their lives. They are also much more aware of the side effects of prescription medication and are looking for alternatives for their discomfort and pain relief. Thrive Tape is an effective option that has helped consumers live life without limitations,” 


Michael Lerner, CEO.